General Terms and Conditions

1 – Terms and conditions for the students

A- By contracting this course you accept the current terms and conditions and agree that you have read and understand the following points:
B- The students are Architects, Construction Professionals and others that wish to use the teaching aids offered through this web site in return for an established fee.
C- The fee gives the right to unlimited use of the course during a 6 month period.
D- Buying the course from
The price of the full course is 35.00 Euros (€), except for Special offers. Steps to contract the course:
. User sign up through the section “Join us!” on the web.
. Confirm the email address and follow on to the subscription section.
. Payment of the service using a Credit Card or PayPal.
. Confirmation of the subscription service by e.mail.
. All of the process of the subscription service will be in English.

E- Buying the course from your Professional Association:
If you belong to a partner Professional Association you can take advantage of a lower price. Steps to contract the service:
. Acces your Association' website.
. Register and pay for the course trough your Association (Not via
. You will receive a confirmation e.mail and you can then acces the course via 'Join us!' 
F- The course is for personal use only and not transferable. It is not permitted to exchange emails or passwords between different users for the use of the course.
. arkenglish is able to detect if the student has shared their access codes with another person and has the right to cancel the student’s subscription if this occurs.
. The student is the only person responsible for maintaining the security of their personal access information and for not sharing it with others.

. You cannot change your personal details once you have started the course (e.mail,  etc.) apart from your password.
G- The student has the right to voluntarily leave the course when he/she so wishes without the right to a refund.
H- arkenglish is not responsible for IT system errors beyond its control. If the error in the IT system is attributable to arkenglish and lasts more than 10 days, then the subscription will be prolonged for this number of days.
I- The student has the right to a diploma that demonstrates that he has followed and completed the course.
J- The current conditions are valid indefinitely. arkenglish has the right to modify the terms and conditions without affecting the services acquired before the modification.
K- The electronic document used to confirm the contract will not be stored.
L- The author of arkenglish is Marti Masvidal VAT ID ES46126009S. GV Corts Catalanes 1021, 08020 Barcelona, Spain, E.U.
M- These terms and conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation. In the case of dispute both parties will be subject to the tribunals and law courts closest to the address of the user. In the case that the user resides outside of Spain, both parties will be subject to the tribunals and law courts in Barcelona (Spain, E.U.).

2 - Data protection
 A- With reference to the personal details supplied by the students and companies, arkenglish complies with the current local regulations for the Protection of Personal Information and complementary security systems. This information will be stored on file for processing by computer.

B- arkenglish will use the information supplied for internal use, to make your subscription, provide you with our service, statistical purposes and occasionally sending news and other information of interest related to the course.
C-  arkenglish will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the personal details supplied. arkenglish implements the necessary security measures required by law to prevent these details from being changed, lost, processed or accessed without authorisation.
D- The user has the right to access, modify, cancel and oppose the sending of e.mails at any time. (
E- arkenglish cannot be held responsible for any incident with the personal details supplied when this has been caused by an electronic attack or non-authorized access that it has not been possible to detect by means of the security systems installed or when due to a lack of diligence on the part of the user with regard to the security of their passwords or their own personal details.
F- The user is the only person responsible for the accuracy of the information and agrees not to supply false information.
G- The person responsible for the storage and use of the information is Marti Masvidal (GV Corts Catalanes 1021, 08020 Barcelona, Spain, EU), who has registered the files in the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (

3 - Intellectual property

A- The contents of the course are registered and protected by the Copyright Laws, specifically the illustrations, audio-visual productions, web design and program engineering. Therefore:
B- Any reproduction, communication, public or private distribution or any other act involving total or partial use of the material included on this web site is totally forbidden.
C- The copy of content without prior authorization is an offence committed not only by the person who makes the illegal copy, but also by those responsible for the web sites or publications who are aware that these include plagiarized material.
D- The legal representatives of arkenglish reserve the right to seek damages in the corresponding courts in the event of the inappropriate and unauthorized use of any of the contents that form part of the web site.