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Ask for general Information, make a suggestion or report a bug from the Contact form in the lower left corner of the screen or from Before contacting us, please make sure you have read the information about the course and the FAQ.

FAQ (Frequent Asqued Questions)

I have not received any Email indicating my registration or Log in.

Since the Email is automatically generated, be sure to check your Spam folder if you do not receive it right away. Also add to your Email sender allow list to ensure you'll get it.
Can I make specific queries on the content of the course?

ark english is a self-evaluation course and doesn’t offer private consultations of professional English. However, you can send us your comments via the contact form below or by Email. If it is something regarding general interest the information will be given within the FAQ section or during the course.

How long is the course?

The time to complete the course will depend on your existing level of English and dedication. Estimated hours: 10-20

Can I download any written document?

As soon as you finish a lesson you can download a file with the text of the lecture. When you finish the full course you can access the course eBook, that includes new words, synonyms and clarifications: 116 pages, 300+ Images, 400+ Words.

What is the minimum level necessary to be able to complete the course?

The course is created so that you only have to think about learning the key words. So, the English used in the explanations is very simple.
However the course is very useful for higher levels of Professional English as revision and consolidation of important vocabulary.

Does ark english offer any qualification?

You will will receive a Diploma that shows that you have followed and completed the course, which will strengthen your CV or resume. (Some Union of Architects might turn the diploma into academic Credits).

I do not have a Credit Card or PayPal account.
If you can't make a payment using a Credit Card or PayPal just get in touch with us on how to make a transfer from your bank account.

I am a professional association (Professional Institute, Union or Chamber of Architects or building engineers, School, Company, ...), what benefits do I gain by offering the course to my associates?

Apart from the most important factor: the usefulness of the course for your members, they can take adventage of a lower price. Furthermore you can manage your students' progress etc. Please get in touch via the Contact Form or Email: