What is ark english?

ark english is an international online course of professional English designed for architects, building engineers and students who already have a basic-intermediate level of English.
It may also be useful for interior designers, project managers, contractors, and other architecture and construction professionals.
The aim of the course is to aid communication in your professional environment, showing basic technical building vocabulary through the use of image recognition.
Vocabulary in architecture and construction is occasionally different from country to country. The words used in this course correspond to British International English. We will highlight the use of American English where there are clear differences (e.g. Lift / Elevator).
As in all languages there are different ways of saying the same thing. In arkenglish we provide just ONE word that we consider to be the most appropriate and internationally recognized.
Finally it is easy to understand that arkenglish is not a complete list of all the words that each professional will need. This will depend on every individual’s needs and speciality. Nevertheless, many other phrases can be expressed using the words that we show you here.

The arkenglish course is included in the professional development program of several Unions of Architects around the world.



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