How it works

ark english is divided into the following lessons:


Lesson 1 – Inside your house.
The different areas of a house.
The house content.

39 words.
Lesson 2 – The Building Exterior
Building exterior
Building levels
Façade and roof

37 words
Lesson 3 - Structure and Construction
The building structure

Construction elements

40 words
Lesson 4 – Finishes – The site.
The building site
Health and Safety

35 words 

Lesson 5 – Services and sustainability
Building Services
Sustainable architecture

35 words

Lesson 6 – Movement – Construction Flaws
Vertical transport

Construction flaws

30 words
Lesson 7 – Who is who
The team that designs
The team that builds

27 words
Lesson 8 – The work place
Inside the office
Project drawings and documents

37 words

Each lesson is divided into 4 sections:
  •   Video Lesson

        For 6-9 minutes the teacher will explain the words through the use of simple images.

  •   Quiz

        10 questions. Select one of 4 possible answers.

  •   Hang House

        Find the hidden word before the house gets hung.

    Imagen en sustituciĆ³n de flash
  •   The Wall

        Type the word before the image reaches the ground.

    Imagen en sustituciĆ³n de flash
  •   Your Personal Page

        From 'My personal page' you can manage your lessons and download the lectures.
        Each lesson needs to be fully completed before you can move to the next one.

    My personal page
  •   Diploma

        At the end of the Course you will receive your ark english Diploma.


 ae300 ebook

At the end of your lessons you will access the ark english ebook site, that includes new words, synonyms and clarifications. 116 pages, 300+ images, 400+ words.


Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows - Mac OS - Linux.
Internet Browser: MS Explorer - Google Chrome - Mac Safari - Mozilla Firefox.
Recommended width screen resolution: Lower than 1.440 pixels.

arkenglish is not compatible with smartphones or tablets.
ae300 ebook is compatible with smartphones or tablets.